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With the employment market shrinking each year, many young people are looking beyond employment to make a living and actualize their dreams. If you are keeping an eye out for the latest success stories, you know that young people are making it big by starting their own businesses. And the interesting part is that they are not starting big businesses. They are coming up with innovative and unique small business ideas that are taking the market by storm. So if employment is not your thing, here are the 3 creative small business ideas with low investment and handsome returns:


Information is the currency in this day and age. So, if you can feed the population with new information, you can make it big in this line of work. With almost everyone sourcing information on the web, you will have much success if you start a news website. A news website with high quality and fresh content every day can attract a lot of traffic to your website. When your news website has consistent high traffic every day, brands will take notice, and they will want to place ads on your site. They will have to pay good money to do that. That’s a good source of passive income. Also, once you have a steady traffic, you can sell your own digital products to them, such as books, videos, photos, and much more. You can also do affiliate marketing on your news website. There is a ton of ways to monetize a website. You just need to have an online business idea and start building up your website, the good news is that today is not expensive as it used to be, thanks to the web builders and a ton of premade themes out there. You can even do it on your own.


Although car rental business is not new, it offers the greatest possibilities for a huge return on investment. With more people increasingly moving away from public transportation, car rental business is huge today. And with technological advancements currently, renting a car is easier than ever. So if you promote your services intelligently, you’re going to make it big in the car rental business. The awesome thing about car rental is that you can start it off with your car if you own one. Within six months, you should have made enough money to hire or buy other cars to increase your income potential. The profit margins for a car rental business hinges on the types of cars you use. But profit margins range from 20% to 40%. So, you can get really good profits from this kind of business.


Let’s admit it; people will always eat, and that makes a food outlet a very profitable business idea. A food outlet can particularly do well when situated near commercial buildings and office premises. But because there is ready market doesn’t mean you will automatically start selling, considering the proliferation of food outlets these days. You need to produce high quality and delicious food to be able to get a significant bite of the market share. That means investing in innovative kitchen equipment and finding a good cook if you don’t have great cooking skills. The investment needed to start a fast food outlet hinges on the scale of the business, size of the outlet and the locality. But a food outlet does not cost much. And when it gains momentum, it can have a good return on investment.




The business ideas mentioned above have the greatest possibilities of growing to become large-scale businesses in a shorter timescale. With wide internet outreach today, this is the best time to start your own business because you can create an online extension to increase your customer base.