6 Business Ideas with Low Investment for Small Towns

Every small town is struggling with job opportunities! Read this article and discover 6 business ideas with low investment, perfect for small towns!


If you live in a small town, you probably know how hard it is to find the perfect job, according to your skills, talents, and knowledge. Well, guess what, now you can create your own job and become a business owner. You don’t have the budget?

Don’t worry, as we have a solution to your problem. We have managed to make a list of 6 great business ideas that require low investment. All of these ideas are perfect for small towns. Let’s start:

  1. Pre-schools – A good and well-planned pre-school which is helpful and innovative in its ways of teaching will attract busy or working parents. Pre-schools can be opened with a one-time investment in small domestic spaces. For starters, invest in proper educative material and tools you need to run a class.
  2. Ice cream parlors – You will probably agree with us that ice cream never goes out of style. The ice cream parlors require basic equipment, minimal space, and low-staffing, which is a perfect small investment option. You can choose specific types of ice-creams that cannot be found anywhere near. That’s way you will attract new customers.
  3. House cleaning services – This is a very profitable business idea. You can open your own house cleaning company and promote your business online. All you need is a great website where you can offer your professional cleaning services.
  4. Fitness centers – Fitness is one of the trends today that have percolated to undeveloped and small towns. Even though fitness centers will demand a bigger investment, there are low maintenance charges that will compensate for your budget. Running a fitness center is quite a successful business.
  5. Tourism – Even though this option is dependent on the location of the town you live in, try and find something that will attract tourists. You can earn by making tours and sharing information about a certain tourist attraction near you.
  6. Internet services – No town, big or small can survive without internet. Despite the big players, there are a lot of good internet service providers for PCs and home appliances which can be turned into a great business opportunity. This business might involve a higher investment, but the returns are guaranteed.

Do you have any ideas of your own? Don’t hesitate to share with us.


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