Great Business Ideas with Low Investment that are Prosperous and Successful

Here are great already successful business ideas with low investment perfect for dynamic and young people, college students or stay-at-home mothers!


Interested in starting your own small business, follow your passion, and work for yourself? If you believe you can make a change in this world, we say go for it, it is certainly better than working for someone else.

The only problem is the money. Not everyone has the money to start a business on their own. However, you have nothing to worry about, as we have found a solution for that problem. There are great business ideas that require low investment and it has been already proved that these businesses are successful and prosperous.

These business ideas with low investment are profitable from the start and here is why:

  • You can manage your own business requirements and needs with current assets
  • The chances are that you would probably need no or little personal training to learn new skills.
  • As a business owner and entrepreneur, you will get a direct feedback from your buyers
  • The business plan changes will be really easy to implement

Some of the business ideas you can try are:

  • Wedding photographer – If you think you have the talent and passion to bring it to live in photos than you can easily become a wedding photographer. For starters, you need a good camera and proper lighting. Once you will notice that your client base is increasing, you can get your own studio, buy an even better camera, design a website, and upload your work there.
  • Candle making – Candle making is quite popular and trendy these days. Candles have been used all over the world and they are always needed. If you consider yourself as a creative person, you can start and design your own custom candles.
  • Study hacks – If you have some great study hacks, you believe it will help other students, why not create your own blog and share all of your hacks there. You can earn money by charging a membership fee.
  • Food trucks – The food trucks are becoming extremely popular all over the world. This is not just a vague business from business owners looking to start on a limited budget but a business driven by the passion and desire of people to eat at an affordable price while enjoying the outdoors.

Have fun!


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